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Frequently Asked Questions 

Thermal screening – what you need to know

1. What steps can I take to safeguard my workplace?

We would always recommend that you implement adherence to the social distance measures; with
signs on the floor, workspaces & desks adequately spaced, and all areas thoroughly cleaned with
plenty of hand sanitiser available. To protect the workplace outside of the standard procedures, all
staff and visitors should be temperature checked to avoid potential contraction and the spread of
Coronavirus, this presents peace of mind to employers, employees and visitors alike.

2. How can I make my office safe for staff?

To safeguard your staff and to show that their health and wellbeing is of paramount importance,
companies need to try and prevent the potential contraction and spread of coronavirus or viruses
like the flu at the front door.   Adopting thermal screening equipment at the entrance can make a big
difference, not only for your staff’s peace of mind but to highlight anyone who may not know they
have a temperature and should not be in the workplace. This gives an opportunity for the individual
to have a secondary screening and an assessment made on their health situation.

3. How can I make my office safe for visitors?

By implementing JIT Comms thermal screening solutions, it ensures all staff, contractors and visitors
are screened upon arrival, allowing a decision to be made if that person should enter the premises
and if they have a high temperature.  You will also find that clients and visitors will safer visit your
premises if they know these measures are in place and that those already on the premises have
been screened prior to their arrival.

4. What is thermal temperature screening?

Thermal Screening Solutions are designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures so as to
achieve rapid and safe preliminary screening in public areas with high-efficiency in a multitude of
scenarios. JIT Comms only supply and install Hikvision cameras which are recognised as commercial-
grade and used throughout the world.

5. How accurate is thermal screening?

Thermal screening can be accurate to 0.3 degrees with a calibration unit and 0.5 degrees without the unit, the
systems are very sophisticated and can detect a high temperature at up to a distance of nine metres

6. If I have a small reception area, can I still use thermal screening equipment? 

Of course, no matter what your workplace layout may be, thermal screening solutions can be
installed as a fixed and very discreet solution, you would not even know you are being screened.
Alternatively, if you want a more mobile or flexible solution you can install it in a designated area on
a tripod.  Failing that, if you have very little space, then a handheld system would work just as

7. I have a large office with many staff, is thermal screening suitable?

Yes, not only can the fixed thermal cameras screen multiple people at one time and offer a split
second reading, but you can also benefit from handheld thermal screening devices that can be used
for secondary screening, random testing or for large offices with multiple departments. It all
depends on the requirements of your business.

To find out how thermal imaging and temperature screening can help re-open your workplace, get in
touch with JIT Comms today on 07903 849791 or email:

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