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3 tips for feeling less isolated while working from home

Working from home can take time to adapt to. One of the biggest issues is feeling isolated, particularly if you’ve previously worked in a busy environment and now have to deal with working alone. Here are some ways to feel less isolated in your work. Regular meetings While your manager may arrange remote monthly or weekly meetings to keep track of whether you’re managing your workload, these meetings can help you as an employee too. This is a time to ask any questions you may have, or bring up any issues you find particularly challenging. It’s also important to ask for a quick chat, even if just by phone for a few minutes if you have more pressing concerns. Working alone can make even the smallest problems seem bigger than they are, and discussing these can help to alleviate the problem and allow you to continue working without the distraction of unanswered questions, which would be answered within a minute if you were in the office. That's not to say you should call your manager dozens of times a day. Sometimes your colleagues may be able to answer a quick question you have. Form a WhatsApp group Setting up a WhatsApp group is not only a great way to ask your colleagues a quick question, but it also serves as a way to feel less isolated. Of course, it’s important to ensure you don’t spend all your working hours in non-work-related conversation. However, it can make you feel less alone knowing that your colleagues can be contacted if you need to discuss anything. Take breaks as you would when working in the office It can be tempting to skip your usual breaks when working from home. That can lead to not seeing anyone all day, especially if you live alone, or other members of your household are working outside the home. Taking a short lunch-break to go for a walk will stop you from feeling trapped and alone within the same four walls, even if it’s just a quick trip to the local shop to buy a sandwich. Working from home doesn’t have to mean working in complete isolation. Explore the rest of our blog for more working from home tips.

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