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3 tips to tackle remote working like a pro

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

These days, it seems that we’re all working from home. With social distancing initiatives in action across most of the world, companies have had to adapt quickly, shaking up their business models and software to enable employees to work from home where possible. But apart from converting your kitchen table into your office, what other steps can you take? Here are three top tips to help you work from home like a pro. 1 Create a routine and stick to it It’s true that unless you receive a video call at an unfortunate moment, your boss won’t be able to tell if you set up your laptop in bed and tackle the morning’s emails in your pyjamas. But, as a way to ‘get in the zone’, it can be helpful to recreate a normal working day as best you can. In order to stay productive when remote working, try to develop a fixed routine that you can stick to every day and always get dressed for work! 2 Take breaks and try to get some fresh air  Home working and cabin fever can go hand in hand. Regular breaks will keep your mind fresh and help to stop you from getting distracted by things going on in your house. If you are too busy to take breaks, a walk around the block before you start your day is one tried and tested tip. This can replace the daily commute and is a good way to get ready for ‘going to work’ in the morning.

3 Give yourself structure It can help to prioritise tasks and set aside a specific amount of time for each one. At the start of your day, make a note of the jobs that you would ideally like to get through and set up calendar alerts or create a brief outline of how you’d like your day to look. You can even use the timer on your phone if you tend to go off on a tangent and spend longer on things than you should.

The right software for remote working can help

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