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Return to work anxieties: how to cope and measures you can take to stay safe

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, and the UK successfully lowers its COVID-19 alert level, many businesses are able to re-open once again. After months of isolation and anxiety regarding COVID-19, however, some employees may be struggling with the idea of returning to work. Below we outline advice and guidance you can follow to help ease return to work anxieties in your employees and help keep them safe whilst at work. 1. Communication Some employees may feel anxious about returning to work because they are uncertain what virus mitigation measures have been put in place and why they are required to return to work. Ensure you provide each employee with a detailed report of how you have prepared your workplace to reopen and ensure you give them the opportunity to ask any questions they may have about your business re-opening. 2. Access control One major concern your employees may have is working around other employees and customers who may have COVID-19. Real-time temperature screening at the entrance to your premises will reassure your employees that anyone with a high temperature, one of the main symptoms of COVID-19, will not be permitted into your workplace. 3. Flexibility If some of your employees are able to complete their work from home, you may wish to ask certain team members if they would like to continue remote working. This will ensure employees who are particularly anxious about returning to work do not feel forced to return back to the workplace and can take more time to adjust to new working conditions. 4. Sanitation Increase the number of sanitation stations around your workplace where possible. This will limit the number of times an employee or customer has to travel to the nearest bathroom or sink to wash their hands. You should also clearly place signs directing employees/customers to the nearest sanitation station so they do not panic looking for hand sanitizer or soap and become overwhelmed in the work environment. To learn more about supporting remote working, soothing return to work anxieties, or how real-time temperature screening can help protect your business, contact JIT COMMS today.

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